Eesti Psoriaasi Liit
Eesti Psoriaasi Liit

There is a reason for everything. There is a reason for Eesti Psoriaasi Liit ( EPsoL - Estonian Psoriasis Union), too. All began, when Soviet officials started to close treatment units and hospitals in Tallinn (Capital of Estonia). Patients have organised demonstrations and piquet’s in front of hospitals and ministries, but nothing helped. Finally it was decided to build up an own organisation for the people who are suffering from psoriasis.

In March of 1991 Eesti Psoriaasi Liit was founded. Because there was not any non-governemental organisations in ”Soviet time”, we are looked for help and ideas from abroad. We visited Finland, Sweden and Norway. Also we applied for the membership of International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA). Our members, doctors and nurses were invited to participate in training’s and self-care courses in Finland and summer-camps in Sweden. We got ointments and medicine, because there wasn’t enough medicine at this time in our hospitals and drugstores.

Swedish and Finnish associations gave us UV-treatment devices. From Finland we got booklets about psoriasis, which were translated into Estonian. We participated twice in meetings of NordPso and also in meetings with the members of Swedish and Finnish psoriasis associations.

And what we have now. There are over 200 members of which 125 are active. Now we have very compact and strong organisation and it works. We try to find so many new active members as we can. EPsoL has its first regional organisations. There is no employed persons in organisation.

EPsoL has it annual meeting once a year. EPsoL organises information days once a month, and there the specialists are informing patients about the treatment of psoriasis. We organise also two-day camps to inform our members about treatment and to share experiences of living with psoriasis and to decrease stress. We publish articles in newsletters, take part in discussions in Estonian radio and TV.

There are two places in Estonia, where EPsoL has UV-lamps and our members can use them. Medicine are still too expensive for patients and there is only one of them, which is partly compensated from the of social security office for those patients who have a very bad condition.

Since 1994 we were published a newsletter ”Ketu”. It is published 2-4 times a year. Before our own newsletter we published our information in our native language in a Finnish newsletter ”Psori” and every member got it.

We are influencing to start a psoriasis association in Latvia also. Eesti Psoriaasi Liit was one of the founders of BALT-PSO, an organisation which is co-operating with the common activities in Baltic countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.

The next task in EPsoL activities is to train of support persons in every part of Estonia - nurses, patients and relatives, who can help each other to find the right way to heal psoriasis, to decrease stress and to live with psoriasis. Also EPsoL is trying to publish booklets about psoriasis. And the next task is to make it clear to the officials, that psoriasis is a disease - not a cosmetic problem and the patients with psoriasis need the same help as the patients of other diseases.

Eesti Psoriaasi Liit
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